Rules & Regulation

  1. The candidate is required to produce original certificates, documents, character certificates, statements of requisite percentage of marks of the qualifying examination at the time of reporting for admission, failing which he/she may not be interviewed and allowed to complete admission formalities.
  2. No candidate shall be admitted unless he/she has completed all eligibility requirements at the time of admission.
  3. The Institute requires as minimum of 85% attendance to allow a candidate to appear for the semester/Annual exams, as per the university regulation.
  4. Fees once deposited by a student shall neither refunded nor adjusted under any circumstances.
  5. Fee should be submitted in time, otherwise fine will be imposed.
  6. Students should be in their proper uniform.
  7. Any student found bunking the class or misbehaving will be subjected to disciplinary action.
  8. In case of mishandling of any campus accessories, the student may be asked to pay fine or replace the item.
  9. If any student is found guilty of cheating, any action will be taken against Him/Her.
  10. Consuming liquor, smoking, tobacco, pan masala drugs etc. are completely prohibited in the Institute Campus.
  11. Students are required to abide by the rules and regulations enforced from time to time by the Institute/University
  12. If any student will not deposit fees in time, student will be responsible for any action against him/her taken by the Institute/University.
  13. For Library and Identity Cards Rs. 200 had to be deposited.
  14. Semester Fee should be deposited at the time of admission.
  15. All Students will have to wear prescribed uniform by the institute.

P.B.I. has a zero tolerance policy for ragging. Any student reported to be involved in an act amounting to ragging is summarily expelled from the institute. Appeals in the matter, as well as complaints and reports are dealt by the Anti-ragging cell, comprising the Proctorial board, Counselors and Director. A special vigilance team has also been setup to prevent incidence of ragging.